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  • First stage
  • Second stage
  • Third stage

Reservation deadline
First stage June26
Second stage July1
Third stage July10

If you became a capacity before the deadline,
it will be closed at the point in time.

 ◎ Planned program

  Other:Surfing、Seakayak、Fishing、Island tourism、Summer festival and more…
  We will implement the program in accordance with the weather and physical condition.
  Rocket launch plan during the period is undecided.

 ◎ Important points・How to Apply

 ■ Eligibility for participation/Elementary scool third grade~High scooler
                     (Perents of non-participation)
 ■ Implementation site/Tanega-island Kagoshima
 ■ It departs number of people/Min 5 / Max10
 ■ Accommodation/Kumano Nature Recreation Village Camp site (There change due to weather)
 ■ The location of the assembly and the dismissal/
Jet foil Toppy Nishinoomote port Exit and entrance
                     Tanega-island airport Exit and entrance.
                    (It depends on the means of transportation.)
 ■ Up to Tanega-Island tour operators/Non
 ■ Flow after booking
    Send reservations and accepted after the payment method details.
    It and confirm the application with the subsequent payment is confirmed.
    It sends the agreement to the application after the confirmation guidebook.
 ■ Cancellation charge
    Cancellation by customer's convenience after application fixation:50%
    Cancellation of the previous day and the day:100%

 ■ Something included in the charge
    The program implementation cost、The rental fee for Marine goods
    The charge of board(From dinner for the first day to lunch for the last day)
    All kinds' entrance fee、Stay charge、Bathe charge、The insurance
    Movement cost in Tanega-Island

 ■ The transportation cost between your home and Tanega-Island isn't included.

 ■ How to Apply

   各種申込 I'll designate a schedule from here, and you can apply.

   I'll handle the telephone and a mail. Please inquire of the following.

   TEL:0997-27-0050 E-mail:info@turtle-crew.com

 ◎ Information on main transportation to Tanegas-Island  

 A transfer is needed variously from Kagoshima to Tanega-Island.
 After referring to the following, please make a reservation to each transportation.
 ※ But, Itami ⇔ Tanegashima direct flight has entered service in JAL during August 1-August 31

 ● Transportation between Kagoshima and Tanegashima

  ・Jet foil Toppy(1h 35min) Taneyakukousokusen.co
  ・Airplane(35min)JAPAN AIRLINE 

 ●Please also consult about reservation for an airplane any time.
Congestion is expected by an airplane in the summer holidays, so the reservation be rather early.

 ● Main LCC of Kagoshima departure and arrival
   From Narita→Jetstar
   From Haneda→Soraseed AirSKYMARK
   From Kansai→Peach:Form Kobe→SKYMARK

  ※Your reservation is sometimes necessary for the use by which it's for support of kids by airplane.
    Please inquire of each airline company for more information.

 ◎ Assembly and dismissal schedule

 ● Assembly. The first day.(①July26/②August4/③August17)
   ・In case of a Jet foil Toppy  10:20 Kagoshima port → 11:55 Nishinoomote port
   ・In case of an airplane(JAL) 10:50 Kagoshima airport → 11:25Tanega-island airport

 ● Dismissing. The last day.(①August3/②August12/③August25)
   ・In case of a Jet foil Toppy 15:00 Nishinoomote port → 16:55 Kagoshima port
   ・In case of an airplane(JAL) 17:15 Tanega-Island airport → 17:50 Kagoshima airport

  A staff will welcome and send off according to the departure and arrival on a flight above-mentioned.
  It'll also correspond to a departure and arrival flight of a high-speed vessel of other than above and an airplane.

 ◎ Staff

     Mitsuharu Kume(Mitsu-kun)

  Representative of a turtle crew.
  I'm also the turtle photographer who takes a  picture while swimming.
  Much, much work experience which concerns a  sea is experiencing the pleasure of the sea and  fearfulness.
  From Tokyo and Tanegashima residence for 19  years. I have 3 children of elementary and junior  high schoolers.

     Isamu Nakamura(Isamucchi)
 The JALASORA representative who guides a kayak and SUP.
 He was born in Tanegashima and is trusting for him.
 The funny tour guide who always provided for safety is popular with rescue qualification of resucue3.

    Kentarou Kawanabe(Ken-chan)

  The representative of "the plantation Utau" who  also carries on few organic Anno potato agriculture  at Tanegashima.
  Summer makes up with a guide of a kayak.
  The appearance seems to be Mr. bear and  hardiness, but he may be gentlest in the staff.
  Tanegashima residence for 19 years from Saitama-pref. He has a daughter of a fourth grader  of elementary school.

    Shizue Mizutani(Sea-chan)

 One person inside the turtle crew founder. The water girl who is to the extent the capacity of the body-board enters 5 fingers at Tanegashima.
 She serves as a chef in a hotel with cook license.
  Tanegashima residence for 17 years from Shiga-pref.

   Yukimi Tateyama (Yukimi-chan)

 She has 4years old twin doughter and nurse's  qualification.
Tanegashima birth place and Tanegashima medical center former duties.
 She manages children's health.

      Miyuki Kuroki (Miyuki-chan)

 She was born in Tanegashima.Her hoby is squid fishing.
 She usually takes charge of school lunch.

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